Building Permit Application -
Internet Permit Application
Thank you for applying for your permit online. In the pages to follow, you will be instructed to enter pertinent information for your project. Please read the instructions carefully on each page before proceeding to the next.
The IBP number is listed at the end of the application.
Please submit the IBP number with your plans to the One-Stop Permit Center if you are submitting paper plans
Please select the type of permit you are applying for:
Building Permit Sign Permit (None)
- A separate building permit application is required for each building or structure except for a single dwelling and its accessories.
- A separate building permit application is required for Solar Photovoltaic installations.
- If you are applying for a Sign Permit and electrical work will be involved, you must also apply for a separate Building Permit.
- Any applicable Plan Review fees shall be paid once the plans are submitted for review.
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