Building Permit - Status: Inspection(s) in Progress
Building Permit
Application Number: A2022-04-0410 Job Number: 098876981-002
Description: (BP #886396) [TMK: 2-1-009:011 POID: *122156 ] 1200 QUEEN EMMA ST // Capitol Place - Pool Deck & Spall Repair - THIRD PARTY REVIEW]
Created Date: Apr 8, 2022 Job Completed Date:
Issued Date: Nov 22, 2022
Date Construction Completed: mmm dd, yyyy
Status: Inspection(s) in Progress
Specific Location:
1200 QUEEN EMMA ST Honolulu / Downtown 96813
Tax Map Key
Warnings Description
  View Details   TMK *-1-221:56 [ sq ft.] ac. POID= 122156 188 S BERETANIA ST Honolulu / Downtown 96813 05/21/2013 to Current TAXPIN =
  View Details   TMK 2-1-009:011 [116385 sq ft.] 2.672 ac. POID= 05/16/2013 to Current TAXPIN = 496631
Staff Assignment: Third Party Reviewer Is this a City Project?: No
Job Address(if not primary):
Estimated Value of Work: $2,000,000.00 Remarks: 2000-06-30 Downtown Parking Improvement District, DLNR-50 N/A (Building errected 2006 BP#595318 on FMR TMK Docs)
Accepted Value: $634,911.00
Require Plan Review Fee?
Occupancy Group Category: B, S-1, S-2, R-2, A-3 Structure Code: 53 - APARTMENT (3 OR MORE)
Occupancy Group: 03 - Apartment Require Affidavit: (None)
Require Special Inspection: Yes
Ownership: 01 - Private
Require Called Inspection: No
Commercial/Residential: Commercial
Proposed Use: Spall Repair
Certificate of Occupancy must be issued before building is occupied:
Floor Level:
Types of Construction (Min): (None)
Flood Hazard District: (None)
Types of Construction (Actual): IA
Number of Existing Stories:
Number of Final Stories:
As-Built Elevation Certification
Existing Floor Area:
New Floor Area:
Total Floor Area:
Number Units - Added: 0
Number Units - Deleted:
Building Inspection Required: Yes
Electrical Inspection Required: Yes
Number of Rooms - Added:
Plumbing Inspection Required: Yes
Number of Rooms - Deleted:
Plumbing Phases: P-1,2bc,7
Location where Permit was created: FMB
Electrical Phases: E-3,4,6,14
Location where Permit was issued: (None)
Type of Work
New Building Electrical Work Electrical Vehicle Charger
Foundation Only Electrical Meter Only Solar
Shell Only Fire Alarm Solar Photovoltaic Installation
Addition Plumbing Work Solar PV Installation W/ Battery Storage
Alteration Fire Sprinkler Heat Pump
Repair Air Conditioning Antenna
Demolition Ohana Temporary
Fence Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Relocation To
Retaining Wall Pool Relocation From
Other: Spall Repair
Driveway, Sewer, Retrofit
Driveway: New Existing Private RETROFIT
No. of Showers to be replaced:
Driveway Repair:
No. of Faucets to be replaced:
Driveway Types: (None)
No. of Urinals to be replaced:
Linear Feet of Driveway:
Sidewalk Repair: No. of Toilets to be replaced:
Sidewalk Types: (None)
Linear Feet of Sidewalk:
Curbing Types: (None) Commercial
Linear Feet of Curbing:
SEWAGE Residential
Sewer Connection Permit No.:
Sewage Disposal Type:
Existing New (None)
Sewage Disposal Method:
Aerobic Unit Cesspool
Private Sewage Treatment Plant Public Sewer
Septic Tank (None)

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