Building Permit - Status: Permit application closed
Building Permit
Application Number: A2018-05-1463 Job Number: 062940810-002
Description: (BP #857044) [TMK: 59011068] 59-712 Kam Hwy. // HANAPOHAKU SITE IMPROVEMENTS - Sitework to include AC Pavement, New 6'ft Max HT Chain Link Fence
Created Date: May 25, 2018 Job Completed Date: Jun 30, 2023
Issued Date: Nov 16, 2020
Date Construction Completed: Jun 30, 2023
Status: Permit application closed
Specific Location:
59-712 KAM HWY Haleiwa 96712
Tax Map Key
Warnings Description
  View Details   TMK 5-9-011:068 [36601 sq ft.] 0.84 ac. POID= 491033 59-712 KAM HWY Haleiwa 96712 06/14/2011 to Current TAXPIN = 491033
  View Details   TMK 5-9-011:069 [36730 sq ft.] 0.843 ac. POID= 491032 59-706 KAM HWY HALEIWA 96712 06/14/2011 to Current TAXPIN = 491032
  View Details   TMK 5-9-011:070 [45112 sq ft.] 1.036 ac. POID= 491031 59-53 PAHOE RD Haleiwa 96712 06/14/2011 to Current TAXPIN = 491031
Staff Assignment: Paul Lee Is this a City Project?: No
Job Address(if not primary):
Estimated Value of Work: $7,130.00 Remarks: 2017/CP-205, 2017/SMA-21. 2017/ADV-770; ORDINANCE NO 1978-076; 77/Z-25; 2017/SMA-21; 2017/CUP-37; 2015/SMA-8, UNABLE TO VERIFY DIMENSIONS
Accepted Value: $7,130.00
Require Plan Review Fee?
Occupancy Group Category: U-1 Sitework Structure Code: 01 - NO STRUCTURE,FOUNDATION,SPRINKLER SYSTEM
Occupancy Group: 20 - Structure other than building & unclassified Require Affidavit: (None)
Require Special Inspection: No
Ownership: 01 - Private
Require Called Inspection: No
Commercial/Residential: Commercial
Proposed Use: Sitework
Certificate of Occupancy must be issued before building is occupied:
Floor Level:
Types of Construction (Min): (None)
Flood Hazard District: N/A
Types of Construction (Actual): (None)
Number of Existing Stories:
Number of Final Stories:
As-Built Elevation Certification
Existing Floor Area:
New Floor Area:
Total Floor Area:
Number Units - Added: 0
Number Units - Deleted:
Building Inspection Required: Yes
Electrical Inspection Required: No
Number of Rooms - Added:
Plumbing Inspection Required: No
Number of Rooms - Deleted:
Plumbing Phases: None
Location where Permit was created: FMB
Electrical Phases: NONE
Location where Permit was issued: (None)
Type of Work
New Construction Addition/Alteration/Repair Renewable Energy
Accessory Dwelling Unit Addition Solar Water Heater
Antenna Alteration Solar PV Installation Only (no battery)
Foundation Only Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation Solar PV Installation w/ Battery Storage
New Building Demolition
Ohana Repair
Shell Only
Electrical Plumbing/Mechanical Ground Disturbance
Electrical Work Plumbing Work
(includes fixture replacement)
Electrical Vehicle Charger Fence
Fire Alarm Air Conditioning Gate
Meter Only Fire Sprinkler Retaining Wall
Heat Pump Sitework (Commercial)
Relocation From
Relocation To
Other: AC Pavement,
Driveway, Sewer, Retrofit
Driveway: New Existing Private RETROFIT
No. of Showers to be replaced:
Driveway Repair:
No. of Faucets to be replaced:
Driveway Types: (None)
No. of Urinals to be replaced:
Linear Feet of Driveway:
Sidewalk Repair: No. of Toilets to be replaced:
Sidewalk Types: (None)
Linear Feet of Sidewalk:
Curbing Types: (None) Commercial
Linear Feet of Curbing:
SEWAGE Residential
Sewer Connection Permit No.:
Sewage Disposal Type:
Existing New (None)
Sewage Disposal Method:
Aerobic Unit Cesspool
Private Sewage Treatment Plant Public Sewer
Septic Tank (None)

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