Building Permit (pre 1999)
Building Permit 221410 Relocation Suffix:
Application Number: A1986-03-0718
Issued Date: Mar 18, 1986 Created Date: Mar 18, 1986
Status: Completed Completed Date: Mar 4, 1999
Job Location: 94-946 MEHEULA PKWY
Tax Map Key
Warning Display Format
  View Details   TMK 9-4-005:034 [433885 sq ft.] 9.961 ac. POID= 22769 95-942 MEHEULA PKWY Mililani 96789 01/01/1800 to Current TAXPIN = 22769
Project Name: NAHOA CONDO
Owner Name: NAHOA CONDO.
Plan Maker: NONE
Electrical Contractor: AIKANE WIRING NI
Plumbing Contractor:
Accepted Value: 1000.00
Occupancy Group Category:
Occupancy Group: 20 - Structure other than building & unclassified
Structure Code: (None)
Construction Type Actual:
Construction Type Min:
Number Of Stories: 0
Total Floor Area: 0
Ownership Type: Private
Residential Units / Hotel Rooms (Code: A=Add; D=Delete)
Hotel Room Code:
Number of Rooms:
Residential Units Code:
Number of Units:
Inspections (RC=Received; CP=Completed; NA=Not Applicable)
Code Date
Building Code Inspection: NA Mar 18, 1986
Electrical Code Inspection: CP Mar 4, 1999
Plumbing Code Inspection: NA Mar 18, 1986
Type of Work
New Building Repair Plumbing Work
Foundation Only Demolition Other Work
Shell Only Fence
Addition Retaining Wall
Alteration Electrical Work
Sidewalk Curb Driveway

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