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Please select only ONE (1) checkbox from the list below. If the type of work is not listed below, you may not obtain a Building Permit online. You MUST submit a Building Permit Application to begin the processing of your permit application. This will be required when you come in for your Building Permit. If you would like to continue the application process, click on the "Building Permit Application" link at the left.
Solar Water Heating (Single-Family dwelling only)*
New installation
Replace water heating panels
Heat pump installation
Solar Permits (Single-Family dwelling only)*
Solar Photovoltaic or Battery Installation
Electrical (Single-Family dwelling only)*
Meter upgrade or replacement
Electric Vehicle Charger installation
Plumbing (Single-Family dwelling only)*
Replacement of fixtures, new house/sink filter systems and/or new water softener system
Replacement of water and/ or sanitary piping, valves and fittings with like-for-like materials
Plumbing (Multi-Family dwellings)
Replacement of fixtures (except showers & bathtubs) with like-for-like fixtures.
Building (Single-Family dwelling only)*
Air Conditioning Installation (split type systems only)
New Fence (chain link, vinyl, wood, and wrough iron fence; all types on posts only)
New Fence Wall Combo (built on top of existing wall on non-corner lots)
Repair (Single-Family dwelling only)*
Sidewalk Repair
Driveway Repair
Windows Repair
Commercial Reroofing
* All permit types are for Single Family dwellings only; not including apartments, condominiums, or townhouses.

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