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  View Details   2010/IBP07904 mmm dd, yyyy 91087066 Job closed - no response [TMK: 91087066] - Building Permit
  View Details   2011/IBP14584 mmm dd, yyyy 91087066 POSSE BP subjob created [TMK: 91087066] mrs. jesiree dela cruz -barnes - Building Permit
  View Details   2012/IBP00768 mmm dd, yyyy 91087066 Job closed - no response [TMK: 91087066] mrs. jesiree dela cruz barnes - Building Permit
  View Details   A2011-12-0537 683839 Dec 28, 2011 91087066 Inspection(s) in Progress (BP #683839) [TMK: 91087066] MRS. JESIREE DELA CRUZ BARNES -- INSTALL NEW 5'-0'' MAX HT CMU FENCE / WALL @ FRONT LEFT OF GARAGE W/ VINYL GATE. (2011/IBP14584) -- 1/20/12 Recieved revised drawings showing 5'-0" wide single gate change to 5'-0" wide double gate.*** 1/27/12 REVISED DRAWINGS SHOWING 5'-0" WIDE SINGLE GATE CHANGED TO 5"-0" WIDE DOUBLE GATE APPRV'D**** REMOVE RICHARD A. BAQUI, II AS GEN. CONTRACTOR ALSO REMOVE SUB-CONTRACTOR BERT'S MASONRY CONTRACTING PER LETTER FROM RICHARD BAQUI.****

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