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Application Number Building Permit No. Issue Date TMK Status Description
  View Details   2009/IBP03957 mmm dd, yyyy 91140027 POSSE BP subjob created Davin Kaleleiki - Solar Hot Water System
  View Details   2012/IBP19307 mmm dd, yyyy 91140027 POSSE BP subjob created [TMK: 91140027] Kaleleiki PV Installation - Building Permit
  View Details   A2009-05-0826 mmm dd, yyyy 91140027 Job Cancelled [TMK: 91140027] KALELEIKI RESIDENCE - NEW SOLAR WATER SYSTEM (2009/IBP03957)
  View Details   A2012-12-0955 713451 Dec 31, 2012 91140027 Permit application closed (BP #713451) [TMK: 91140027] Kaleleiki - NEW 30 PANEL PV SYSTEM

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